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foundersbeta Staff asked 3 years ago

Having an alcoholic drink can be an enjoyable experience in social gathering, but excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol can cause harm to individuals and society. What can we possibly do to make our drinking experiences safer and yet still enjoyable? 

Join the #WiseDrinkingChallenge! 

As one of the world’s leading producers of wine and spirits, Pernod Ricard is looking for worldwide startups, SMEs, entrepreneurs and academic institutions to take part in changing our drinking culture. Submit your solution in any of the below categories: 

1/ Know when to stop 
2/ Know what you drink 
3/ No more drink driving 
4/ Prevent underage drinking 
5/ Binge drinking 
6/ Wild Card 

Finalists will be flown to Paris in Summer 2020 for final pitching and compete for a share of €50,000 cash prizes. Winning solutions could also receive potential investment and implementation opportunities with Pernod Ricard! 

It’s now your chance to make an impact. Discover more & register now a