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Kristi Heiman asked 3 years ago

I am pursuing a data science certificate at the University of Waterloo because I believe that I can empower others to develop sustainable habits to protect the environment and improve their well-being. I was drawn to data science when I became involved with a volunteer group in Montréal who share my interest in green technology and advocacy in June 2018 while attending a four-week French immersion class at the YMCA School of International Languages. My initial exposure to technology mobilized me to take an introductory online class in Python and explore the myriad paths of green tech, expand my curiosity of ML and AI, and pick my brain on integrating these components to apply the acquired skills necessary to brainstorm ideas to develop my own project.
I joined Founders Beta to inquire about remote internships with green tech startups in Montréal; however, I am very flexible to other areas. I look forward to connecting with passionate, dedicated individuals of all levels to share their experiences and exchange ideas to forward our collective objectives.