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foundersbeta Staff asked 6 months ago

Four generations, one workforce. Let’s build organizations that’ll thrive in the multigenerational workplace shift. 

It is with great pleasure that Venture for Canada announces and invites you to the 2023 ALL THINGS PEOPLE hybrid conference hosted at Toronto Metropolitan University. On April 4th, 2023, join 400+ startup founders, CEOs and people operations leaders to hear practical, actionable insights on how to tackle the challenge of multigenerational workplaces. 

🎤 Keynote Speakers – Hear from influential thought leaders like Hamza Khan and Jenn Harper on how your business can stand out in the future of work by enhancing human-centric leadership, building sustainable practices & unlocking productivity. 

📝 Workshops – What Gen-Z is Bringing to the Workforce; Ageism Goes Both Ways; WFH – Home, Hotel or Head Office?; Emojis VS. Ellipses; What are the NEW Workplace Unspoken Rules + more!  

🤝 Networking – Meet forward-thinking leaders, discover new generational talent and maybe even say hello to a future business partner or two. 

➡️Take advantage of 40% off early-bird discounts until January 7th: