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foundersbeta Staff asked 2 months ago

Top 30 under 30 is coming up! 

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we are working a massive global editorial coverage on Top 30 Under 30 in partnership with our media partner FoundersPress to feature some great innovators, leaders and professionals in different categories including bootstrappers.

There are many stories that go untold as current main stream channels doesn’t do any coverage and we want to change that. We believe having exposure on a global scale brings more growth and opportunities for the companies.

Do you have a compelling story? Do you have a great startup or career? You can be anywhere in the world at any stage with the company in any industry! Submit your story for a chance to get featured on top 30 under 30.

Categories for the nominations include:

Venture Capital
Marketing & Sales
Social Media

This nomination is open to founders, influencers, professionals working at a company and students. Submit your application today.