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foundersbeta Staff asked 5 months ago

While artificial intelligence (AI) feels relatively new, it is quickly reshaping our work and our world. However, most of us don’t understand either the technology itself or its potential impact.
The University of Toronto Libraries is offering an opportunity to change this with The 99, an AI challenge for the U of T community. The 99 brings together a cohort of 99 students, staff, faculty, and community members from across the University of Toronto’s tri-campus with no technical expertise in AI to participate in a year-long challenge to explore the basics of artificial intelligence.

The challenge takes place in three phases:

Phase 1
An online course starting this July. Designed for the general public, it delves into definitions of AI and its related fields, its philosophy, applications, functionality, and societal implications. No knowledge of programming is required. In fact, organizers are explicitly seeking applicants with little to no programming experience − just curiosity and a willingness to learn.

Phase 2
Participants will help to determine topics for and participate in a series of six in-person discussions and critical engagements with U of T experts on issues surrounding AI, which could include topics from health and education to privacy, bias, robotics, cognitive science and psychology, to cities, art, information, and work.

Phase 3
The cohort will share what they have learned to help create a report back to the library and beyond. The outcomes may inform decision-making around technology adoption at the library.

Participants are eligible for co-curricular record credits (current students only) and those that complete the challenge will be entered into a draw for prizes from U of T startups.

Application deadline: June 14

Apply here: