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foundersbeta Staff asked 3 years ago

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to our Online Startup Event and Co-founder networking. Here are the list of startup projects and shoutouts. Please connect directly with the founders on these projects if it interests you:

Here are the List of Projects:

1. I’m building an eco products distribution company, looking for a co-founder who has business to business marketing/sales experience OR supply chain experience. Thank you very much, I really appreciate. Oh and I can be contacted at

2. Co-founder wanted for tasks platform Based out of Vancouver, reach out here at

3. We are Propfile, a proptech company based in Montreal. We automate the management of the building information throughout its life cycle by developing deep information technology. We are looking for cofounders, CTO, COO and software engineers. Connect with:

4. I’m Vik and currently working in the FinTech space. – have a concept/idea for an app that I would like to work on.

5. Interested in beauty products? Connect with Peau:

6. Andy and I’m from the Bay Area. I’ve been a product manager for the last 5 years in various startups. I’ve decided to develop a web app in the HR tech space, specifically reference checking. Looking for cofounders: (engineering + design). Connect here:

7. Connection Silicon Valley offers a few programs each year for startups – and we promote programs, acceleration application deadlines, etc. on our bi-weekly newsletter:

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