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Marie Agorize asked 2 years ago

Startups from around the world of all profiles and backgrounds are invited to participate in SLINGSHOT 2019 to submit their most innovative tech and business ideas!

Your submission will be reviewed by > 160 industry professionals and decision-makers including major investors and corporates.

The Top 100 Global Startups will be selected and invited to the SLINGSHOT 2019 in November 2019. This will be a unique opportunity to pitch your startup in front of the biggest key players in your sector!
Apply NOW:

  • S$200K Startup SG Grant
  • S$200K Investment by FundedHere
  • JTC 18-month free workspace
  • Invitation to the SLINGSHOT Event
  • Free Exhibition booths
  • EntrePass (Work Visa)
  • Access to corporates, investors & mentor networks