Startup ForumCategory: Startup CompetitionsSingapore Airlines AppChallenge 2019 – Cash Prizes $12K
Marie Labbé asked 4 months ago

Redefine the travel experience with Singapore Airlines! Are you ready to take the aviation industry to the next level?
Whether you are a startup, programmer or a student, this challenge is an opportunity to work with the world’s leading airline and be part of the driving force in changing the way we travel. We are welcoming participants from all over the world! For more info on the challenge, click here.
To be won:

  • Range of cash prizes from 3K to 12K SGD.
  • Admission into the SIA Accelerator Programme to further develop their solutions with funding up to 150k SGD each.
  • Mentoring by Singapore Airlines industry veterans
  • Access to Singapore Airlines and key partners’ APIs
  • Networking opportunities with renowned brands in the industry
  • Exposure and insights into the exciting global aviation industry
  • Solutions with business potential will be offered a Proof of Concept collaboration up to 150k SGD funding

Take part now in the leading digital innovation challenge for aviation!