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Sarah Evans asked 2 weeks ago

In light of the massive event and conference cancellations and postponements due to coronavirus, the team at Forbes8 have moved quickly to create and launch a FREE digital summit to support businesses needs right now. Many entrepreneurs have relied on events such as SxSw and Adobe Summit for the latest learnings from their favorite speakers and authors. Forbes8 is committed to stepping in and helping them do that right now when they need it the most.

On Friday, March 20, 2020 from 11 am  ET to 3 pm ET, Business Resiliency will go live and feature highly sought after business industry experts and best-selling authors, like the zen of Marketing, Shama Hyder, small business expert Barry Moltz and AI expert and SiriusXM host Amber Mac and more. 

The summit roster is harnessing years of unique knowledge and experience to create an “as close to an in-person keynote” as you can get. To ensure ongoing connection with viewers, all speakers will join in the the #Forbes8Summit hashtag to monitor and respond to questions following their session and in an ongoing manner. 
This model is essential during a time where in-person educational and networking moments have almost come to a halt and many are unexpectedly working from home (WFH). It is a time to use technology to educate and connect when we cannot be together in person.

Each 15 to 20 minute session will be focus on areas businesses need to focus on as more things go remote:

  • Dorie Clark: How to Build your Brand Virtually 
  • Chris Brogan: How to Lead Remote Teams 
  • Rohit Bhargava: The Non-Obvious Way: How To Be Remotely Innovative

All the content will be recorded and available for any of those registered attendees who couldn’t attend live on the Forbes8 app – along with a 7 day free trial. You can register for the Summit at