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foundersbeta Staff asked 3 years ago

Mortgage FinTech Opportunity for CTO / Co-Founder

Excited by the possibility to get onboard with an early stage startup? We’re looking for someone GREAT that has appetite to sink their teeth into a raw, juicy project as our technical lead.

We want to revolutionize the entire end-to-end private residential mortgage experience and believe that technology can transform an uncertain, slow and manual process into a fast and simplified online experience. The Canadian private lending sector is growing rapidly but is overly fragmented and difficult to navigate, setting a ripe environment for disruption! We also see a strong opportunity to build a purpose-driven brand for an honest, ethical and socially minded lender to better appeal to borrowers/investors that would truly turn the existing industry on its head.

We are actively building out a strong founding team led by smart and ambitious talent who are all driven by a shared sense of purpose and vision.

Think you’re up for the challenge??? We’d be happy to speak to provide more detail. Contact: