Startup ForumCategory: CofounderLooking to add 2 technical cofounders for cryptocurrency startup working with SF based incubator.
Luxie Engineering asked 2 years ago


About us
: We’re building a cryptocurrency payment solution. We have already built a Proof of concept and it has already been vetted by merchants and crypto traders. We have fully designed the platform, and it’s ready to be built out.
Team: You’ll be joining 2 founders, one non-tech and one tech. I am the technical founder, and focused on backend. I have worked in both big companies and early stage startups before. The other founder is focused on product/strategy/user acquisition, and has spent 2+ years working on the understanding he pain points merchants and traders experience when using crypto as an alternative currency..
Traction: Letter of intent from more than 10 Merchants. Provisional Patents. Accepted in an incubator based out of SF Bay Area
We’re well organized and hold a highly vetted model that’s ready to be built! We’re currently interested in bringing onboard:

  • iOS/Android Developer
  • Senior Front End Developer

Note: You will be the first 2 co-founding team members. This means we will work as a team to build out the platform in order to secure funding. This is a full time position that requires a min of 30+ hours a week. We project that the platform will take 4-6 months to build and beta test.

If this sounds interesting to you, please send an email at to ask any questions and tell me little bit about yourself.