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Tom asked 2 weeks ago

Hi there, I am the founder of Dwellcome and I am currently looking to connect with potential candidates who might be interested in contributing to this startup as co-founder(s). I’ve actively grown this bootstrapped venture over these past few years at a conservative pace but now as I am about to launch the beta MVP in 2022 and being close to market readiness I’d like to go from crawling to a running pace with a team. 
Dwellcome is an onboarding marketplace our focus is about allowing locals (ie: Realtors, Airbnb Hosts) to create and recommend amenities for new residents, clients/guests, and newcomers in the form of a digital neighbourhood guide by customizing it to a family’s individual lifestyle needs. Where we are a marketplace is we are giving these amenities the opportunity to be discovered, maintain their profile page, and offer incentives to these new residents in the likelihood of them becoming future customers. 
You might’ve seen that we were recognized at a startup to watch for in 2021:
My background: I am a landlord/property manager with an extensive digital design background. I’m well versed to handle any role the business has to offer, minus (coding/development).
The ideal candidate(s) would be someone who is passionate about building great communities, supporting local businesses and newcomers. I will not shy away from remote applicants, but as I am in the (Toronto, GTA area) it would be nice to be able to connect with candidates locally.
The roles I’m considering filling includes:

  • a CTO, someone who has 2-5 years exp., skilled using the MERN stack both frontend and backend. And who isn’t afraid to play around in the no-code space either. 


  • a CMO & Product Design, someone has had either an amazing track record of previous marketing campaigns or product development. Experience in social media marketing. 


  • Other/Wildcard, this one is open for the fact that you might be interested but don’t fit the other two roles but maybe you can bring something else to the table. This also includes investors. If this is a way you’d want to participate I’m open to discussions. 

If you are interested to connect please email me at, please if you are going to provide a Github, portfolio, or resume, also include information a bit about yourself and why you would be a good fit for this team? 
Thank you,