Startup ForumCategory: CofounderLooking for Co-Founder(s) for CDL Toronto Quantum Stream
Mario Guzzi asked 3 years ago

I am looking for one or two co-founders to participate in the CDL Toronto Quantum Stream bootcamp July 2020-Aug2020 (currently being converted to a online bootcamp).

What I need: Quantum Computing Mathematician/Physicist/Software developper able to assist in implementing Hamiltonian models in the DWave Quantum Computer for solving NP-Hard scheduling problems.

What I bring: Industry knowledge and hands-on classical computer implementation of solvers that I want to implement in DWave 2000 Qbit system. I have completed the CDL Toronto interviews last week, awaiting for final word this week. I also have deployed a platform we will hopefully use to integrate our Quantum Solvers for proof of concept.
Minimum requirement for adding only one co-founder: Mathematics, Quantum Computing knowledge, Python
Bonus: Candidates having studied or knowledgeable of operations research in aviation scheduling a major plus.
Candidates will need to get interviewed by CDL to be allowed to join my team.
This is not a paid position: We join the bootcamp, bust our asses for two months to prove our models work to justify a startup and hopefully get funding.

Let me know and please get in touch here:
Mario Guzzi