Startup ForumCategory: CofounderLooking for a CoFounder in Toronto to start a data-driven company to address the Covid-19 Crisis
X-Founder asked 3 years ago

Extraordinary times calls for extraordinary people. The Covid-19 virus is about to stretch all of us in ways that nobody has foreseen before. Health and society are going to be disrupted.
Extraordinary events call for extraordinary action. I am interested in finding a co-founder to launch a startup in Toronto. The purpose of this startup is to address the unforeseen challenges from the virus crisis in Canada.
Nobody knows how things will unfold in a couple of weeks or months. Many areas of society will be affected. The healthcare system is going to be under a tremendous amount of pressure. We will be working more from home. Social distancing will change our daily lives. Markets, finance, banking, credit and loans will experience huge volatility and uncertainty. The supply chain that sources goods and delivers them to our stores or homes will be impacted. Disruption will be the new normal. There will be short term effects during the crisis and long-term effect after the crisis.
This will require focus. With so many challenges will come many opportunities. A startup cannot solve all these challenges at once. A startup will need to be disciplined and focused to solve any one of these challenges.
I am starting a data-driven startup. I have a long and deep experience in working with data and using it to solve complex business problems.
Reach out to my email if you are interested.

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foundersbeta Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for the post with us! We just shared it on our community. This also a funding resource from Y Combinator for COVID-19 Projects. Check it out here: