Startup ForumCategory: OtherLaunch of the International Women’s Day Gift Box
Noora Sharrab asked 1 year ago

In celebration of International Women’s Day and our majority-female team at SITTI, we have curated the SITTI International Women’s Day Gift Set. 

Support fair compensation for people of all genders, and help forge gender equality by making your IWD Gift Set purchase today! 

The SITTI International Women’s Day (IWD) Gift Set is in honour and celebration of the women in our lives who taught and inspired us to fight for the value of fair and dignified work.  

We believe that equality must first be achieved through equitable employment and income-generating opportunities.

Paid work is essential to refugee women’s empowerment – it boosts women’s confidence and self-esteem and further enables them to build self-reliance in their host countries.

Each IWD Gift Set is curated to include women-led and owned brands we love and trust, including: SITTI, Paume, This Bag Helps. Each Gift Set is sustainably packaged in partnership with Beaux Box.
Products included in each sustainably sourced pine wooden gift box: Paume Hand Sanitizer, Raw Kitchen & Bath Loofah Set of 3, Natural Olive Oil Soap, Chamomile Olive Oil Soap, Rice Olive Oil Soap, This Bag Helps Tote Bag, Limited Edition Light Pink Embroidered Mask, #BreaktheBias Postcard.