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Marie Labbé asked 4 months ago

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We are facing the incredible challenge of feeding 9.8 billion people by 2050. This challenge is increasingly complicated by the advent of global warming, limited natural resources, changing consumer patterns and complex logistical needs.
Fortunately, a growing global Tech scene is emerging and is already helping to tackle these issues. Tomorrow, technologies such as drones, robotics, AI, smart agriculture, smart equipment and precision crop insights can enhance the potential of an improved agriculture of the future, making it both more productive and sustainable.
Together, let’s create AgFood intelligence!
Are you a startup tackling these issues; production, distribution, consommation? Submit your application now in order to win:

  • A pass for CES Las Vegas 2020 alongside InVivo and the Digital Factory by InVivo
  • A privileged access to apply to the Microsoft for Startups program; up $120,000 in free Azure credits, technical support, visibility, plus the opportunity for a true partnership with Microsoft to work with its ecosystem and reach new customers and markets.
  • Business connexions and networking with InVivo, its different business entities, the partners of the ecosystem.