Startup ForumCategory: Startup EventsInternational Women’s Day 2019: Creating Gender Balance in the Biological Sciences
Amanda Raponi Hart asked 2 months ago

A common assumption is that biology is the one STEM field that doesn’t face gender inequalities – in Canada, 60% of undergraduates majoring in physical and life sciences and technologies are women.[1]

However, researchers have found that a leaky pipeline exists, and the gender gap begins to widen after university[2] – only 28.8% of the world’s scientists employed in research and development are women[3]. Plus, as women climb the ladder, they become even more scarce. Women make up only 24% of mid-level research positions, and 13% at the senior-level. [4] As scientific entrepreneurs, the number of female-led businesses in Canada is growing, but men are still twice as likely to own a business in STEM.[5]

On March 7th JLABS @ Toronto & University Health Network (UHN) will be hosting two engaging panel discussions focusing on the representation of women in research and healthcare entrepreneurship. We will discuss the challenges that women in these positions face and speak to some systemic actions we can all take in order to increase the amount of women in leadership positions within biological sciences. 

Better the balance. Better the world.

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