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Huawei, a global leader in all sorts of technological advancements, is once again looking to nurture the next generation of innovative companies. The Huawei Spark Ignite 2022 – Thailand Startup Competition is a powerful opportunity for startups interested in expanding their business in Thailand under Huawei’s guidance. This is a startup competition where you can pitch your solutions in person to Huawei in exchange for resources, and it’ll be hosted in Thailand. 

By tapping into Huawei’s grants, experts, network and dedicated business support, this competition will give you the chance to transform your team into powerful problem solvers, and this will give you a massive advantage over other innovators looking to expand in Thailand. 

Startups are invited to participate in the following categories:

  • Enterprise Software
  • Fintech – FSI
  • Media & Gaming
  • 5G
  • Retail / eCommerce
  • Mobile Applications
  • Sustainability / Green Energy

Participants can enjoy the following perks and exclusive benefits:

  • Up to USD 125K Cloud Credits 
  • Admission to Huawei Spark Program “Accelerate” Tier 
  • Mentoring and networking sessions with Huawei Advisory Board
  • Admission to Huawei Spark Fire, which enables you to sell through Huawei’s extensive network
  • Admission to Spark Go-China program

Start your application now to begin your collaboration with one of the leading players in the industry. Applications close on the 12th of August 2022

Learn more here:

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