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foundersbeta Staff asked 1 year ago

Prelo is hosting an up coming online event on how How to find your customers on social media.

21st & 28th July 2022

13:00 ET | 10:00 PST | 18:00 GMT

RSVP here:

Want to find customers?

Blowing the lid off social media marketing! Discover how they used twitter to get to $16k in revenue. 🚀

They will be breaking down Prelo’s marketing journey whilst sharing the strategies that worked for us following our launch in August 2021.

Find out how to unlock social media platforms to :

1️⃣ Create a personal brand that builds trust

2️⃣ Build a curated audience of engaged prospects

3️⃣ Convert your audience into paying customers

They’ll share strategies and tools designed to help small businesses, creatives and soloprenuers build their brands.

Learn how we found 1st customers & founder interviews.