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Marie Labbé - Agorize asked 4 weeks ago

Do you want to have a real impact on your community? 
Create a visually compelling map and tell an impactful story. Enter the run to win up to $10,000 US! 
During the online HERE Mapathon, you have the opportunity to map a dataset of a topic that matters to you. Using the HERE XYZ studio, address an issue that is close to your heart or useful for our society using compelling imagery! 

  • Compare areas based on public transportation accessibility
  • Demonstrate how sustainable and eco-friendly certain neighborhoods are
  • Create advanced maps to add visual insights to your projects and businesses
  • Compare and illustrate the cultural, generational, and economic diversity in the districts of your town
  • Designate where customers can find your shops or your products

The best thing about this challenge? No technical skills are required thanks to the easy-to-use interface of HERE XYZ.
Learn more on HERE Mapathon: Map your world and start designing right away, you have until Nov 3!