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Marc G Dixon asked 4 years ago

I’m seeking a technical cofounder, team-mates, and/or partners, for an App for Guided-Breathing, Music, Mindfulness, and Relaxation. My App sets itself apart from mindfulness and meditation Apps such as Calm, MindMeister, Headspace, Sattva etc…because of the minimalism abstract animated art (see below), as well as customizable music selection.  The abstract art element is said to increase brain grey matter and neuro-transmitters…as the brain searches for cognitive references.   And the breathwork is to relieve stress and many other illness factors through increasing blood oxygen levels.
No sunsets, snow capped mountains, or cartoon figures, to attach your mind and thoughts to either.
“Dots and Lines relax our minds”.

The basis is a “4-7-8” breathing, along with watching the visual, and listening to the soothing music…inhale slowly 4 seconds through your nose, hold 7 seconds (counted slowly), exhale strong 8 seconds (counted slowly) through your mouth. Repeat three more times. This technique is advocated by many medical doctors and proven by science to lower high blood pressure, improve diabetes, improve hypertension, relieve COPD, and reduce stress in general.

Instagram: Prototypes:
Also, here are a couple videos from Dr. Andrew Weil supporting the breath work concept.
Thank you,
Marc Dixon