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foundersbeta Staff asked 2 years ago

We are happy to announce the Future of Sustainable Insurance Claims Challenge by TD Insurance!

Climate change is a complex, global issue that continues to have a growing impact on our communities, business and the economy. 

For this reason, TD Insurance is looking for different ways to reduce the environmental footprint during the residential and automobile claim process. What are solutions to prevent or reduce future claims? How can we eliminate, reduce or reuse waste produced during repairs?

The challenge is open to all students internationally 🌎

On top of expert mentoring and the opportunity to pitch your idea during the final live event, many awards are up for grabs:
 –  The winning team will receive 5,000$ p/ team member
 –  The team winning 2nd place will receive 3,000$ p/ team member
 –  The team winning 3rd place will receive 1,500$ p/ team member
 –  The top 25 teams will all receive a participation prize of a minimum of 50$

Make sure to register, create your team and submit your 5/10 slide presentation before November 28!

 ➡️ More information at:

Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions about this opportunity.