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foundersbeta Staff asked 3 weeks ago

Hey everyone! It’s Portia Asli here, founder of Optimyzed Brain. Would you like to be part of a video campaign that promotes happiness amongst founders?  I know as founders we tend to overlook our smallest wins and growth. And when we do we feel we are not achieving enough, we are not growing fast enough… and all those ‘not enough’ gets us overwhelmed, stressed and more overworked. But when we take a moment to do a 10-sec dance for our smallest win, the brain releases a boost of happy chemicals. This makes us more energized, reduces our stress, increase our confidence and self-esteem, and enables us to conquer the next bigger challenge in our business So, we are going to create a video campaign that shows founders celebrating with a happy dance.

As such we are looking for volunteers who want to submit a 10-20 sec video doing a happy dance. Is that you? If so, so please email me at so you can receive the next set of instructions. Those who are in the video campaign, their names, and their company names will be mentioned.  And we are looking for volunteers who simply want to spread happiness by re-sharing our video campaign. If that’s you who likes to spread the message, please do email