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Areeb Mianoor asked 2 years ago

We are building the world’s first and only freelancing platform which takes a long-term interest in the growth and development of its users and uses the gig economy as a recruitment tool. We are doing this by uniquely combining Edtech with the gig economy and humanizing the freelancing experience to make this form of work more equitable and inclusive. Do check out our explainer video at

We are looking for someone who empathizes with our problem statement and understands the need for Project ANT from the user and customer side. We have a young and agile team (majority North America based) and are highly passionate about the vision (Curated opportunities to Earn, Learn, and Grow across the globe!).


We have built out 65% of our MVP, using the PERN Stack and deployed it on AWS so familiarity with this is a must. We have been working on this for the past year, now with a very solid team that has great dynamics and camaraderie. You would be expected to lead a very talented engineering team of 4 (part-time) and a product and design team, also ready to support you..

We have a great advisory board with legacy founders, senior product managers, and senior marketing folks at companies like HBO Max and Indeed. We are also supported by the University of Toronto Entrepreneurship Network and were a winning startup in their early-stage entrepreneurship cohort, Leap Startup League. Lastly, Project ANT is also proudly supported by Sheridan College’s Edge Incubator and HubSpot, both of which gives us unique and direct access to our userbase.

We are pre-launch but already have 600+ signups and 35+ companies in our partner network, the customer validation and response has been amazing and we are just getting started!