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foundersbeta Staff asked 3 years ago

Legal and business services startup looking for a new CTO. This early team member must be willing to put in some sweat equity to help develop and grow a new platform that aims to make entrepreneurship easier while increasing access to justice along the way. 

Ideal candidate is not only a full stack developer when it comes to platform and software development, but is also capable in AI when it comes to long-term product and platform development. 

Responsibilities Include: 
-Reviewing and ensuring technology used is secure, credible, and efficient; 
-Research and implement new technologies that would provide a competitive advantage; 
-Assess and monitor applicable KPI’s and performance relative to budget; 
-Use feedback to make ongoing changes and adjustments to technology and platform. 
-Creating and maintaining new platform and website to ensure the effective and innovative delivery of existing and new products and services. 

-Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field, with a preference given to further specialists in AI. 
-High attention to detail; 
-Highly motivated, ambitious, and comfortable taking the initiative; 
-Strong analytical and problem solving skills; 
-Knowledge of technological trends, including ability to conduct analysis and research. 
-You understand technical architecture of various applications and can work with engineers to make any technical trade-offs, including the ability to develop any API for any potential partners. 
-Design and implement code, while iterating and improving on existing systems; 
-Ideal candidate is fully capable of applying AI-infrastructure, and machine learning techniques, to build intelligent user experiences. 
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