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Luxie Engineering asked 3 years ago

Want to disrupt a $70T currency market by building a crypto, stock and commodities platform that connects consumers to merchants around the world? Are you a perfectionist who obsesses about clean killer design?

We’re a team of 3 who’ve spent over a year developing our model and now looking to add a talented iOS Developer to the team. We’ve designed our mobile app wireframes and ready to start building our MVP. We have strong interest from VC’s in SF and New York. This is a co-founding position that offers you the ability to earn equity and tokens positioned to trade on exchanges.

If you have a killer instinct with aspirations of being known as one of the guys who changed the meaning of currency then let’s talk.

Top Reasons to Work with Us:
Opportunity to work on a revolutionary idea and build product from scratch
Work with a talented core team
Lead the design, deployment of mobile application

Why is it the right time to start a startup?

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