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Daniel Francavilla asked 2 weeks ago

An engaging discussion on creativity and collaboration with artists, brands, and entrepreneurs.

How can brands collaborate with creators to develop compelling and authentic content, while building community and driving business results?
The most effective content on social media and in advertising today involves an authentic connection between a brand and its community. One of the best ways to achieve this is by working directly with creators and artists who resonate with your target audience and embody the values of your brand. But how?
Join us for an engaging panel discussion on creativity and collaboration in the context of community and brand-building, hosted by Dianne Oliveira featuring Artist Emily May Rose and Creative Entrepreneur Phil Song. Our panelists have launched their own businesses, while remaining authentically connected to the creative community.
Dive into the nuances of creative journeys, entrepreneurial endeavors, and the magic that unfolds when the right brands and creators unite.

  • Phil Song and his passion rooted in skateboarding led to launching, a sub-culture agency in the world of arts and culture, and a cafe with 2 locations, called bevy.
  • Emily May Rose is an award-winning artist and illustrator whose work features a cast of recurring characters (most notably her weed-smoking, pizza-eating raccoons) to depict funny relatable situations. Emily also owns Northern Contemporary, a gallery in Toronto.

Who’s this event for?
This event is perfect for startup brand owners or marketers who are looking to explore how to leverage creators to create compelling, authentic and impactful content to drive business results. Marketing leaders, social media mangers, and founders who are tired of cookie-cutter content and are looking for a fresh approach to creative would find value in this discussion.
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