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BLSH (pronounced ‘blush’ and short for Buy Local, Stay Home) is curbside pick-up delivered to your front door anywhere in the city of Toronto (with plans to grow!). We are focused on providing a win-win solution for retailers, couriers and customers. This starts with an equitable pricing structure where customers suggest a delivery price they are willing to pay for the convenience. Couriers can accept, reject or counter based on what they think their time is worth. Retailers aren’t charged a penny.

Why are we doing this? We believe offering instant delivery removes a significant degree of friction from shopping local and will encourage more consumers to turn away from Amazon toward their neighbourhood retailers. We also recognize there is a lot of fatigue with the status quo gig economy. Consumers are tired of the big players trying to wring every last dollar out of people doing the hard work (drivers and businesses!).


Cofounder and or CTO. We’re looking for a technical cofounder and/or CTO to help BLSH scale into a platform of choice for customers, couriers and retailers. We’re in market with the MVP and working hard behind the scenes to develop an app that takes us to the next level.


You’ve built a company before or been involved from the early days. You love local and believe there is a better way to solve this problem than simply being Uber for retail. Strong communication skills are a must to help translate a technical vision into a real life product.

If you’ve got strong technical capabilities but are less excited for some of the admin / bigger picture discussions you might be a great CTO and we’d encourage you to apply. Individuals with broader interests coupled with technical expertise could be a great fit for a founder role.

The current founder still has her day job and would not expect anyone joining to throw themselves full time at BLSH (in its current form) so you would be welcome to continue advancing projects that are not in direct competition with the company.

How to Apply:

We’re looking to grow our team ASAP. Please email Sarah to schedule an exploratory call at