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Alan Li asked 4 years ago

Hi there,
My name is Alan and I’m the founder of Exactly Eyewear, a vertically-integrated company providing custom-fit glasses/sunglasses from a 3D scan of your face. I’m currently looking for a co-founder! Please see details below. Thank you!

About Us
Exactly Eyewear is a vertically-integrated company providing custom-fit glasses/sunglasses based on your unique facial features. We work at the intersection of technology, design, and manufacturing to create your favourite pair of eyewear.
We are based in Toronto and incubated by Creative Destruction Lab, MaRS Start, and UofT’s UTEST.
Technical Co-founder Needed
Currently looking for a technical co-founder to lead the development of our iOS mobile platform with 3D face scanning, AR virtual try-on, and automated eyewear fitting capabilities.
Skills and Qualifications

  • Location: Greater Toronto Area
  • Background in Engineering or Computer Science
  • Expert in iOS development (Swift, Objective-C)
  • Experience with the following frameworks: ARKit, SceneKit, Vision, Core ML
  • Experience designing, building, and maintaining RESTful APIs and backend
  • Experience with 3rd party libraries, frameworks, and services
  • Plus: Experience with JavaScript and building web apps
  • Plus: Portfolio of iOS apps on the App Store
  • Plus: Experience with UI/UX design
  • Plus: Experience working with 3D models

Reach Out!
Please email if you’re interested.
Visit for more information.