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foundersbeta Staff asked 3 years ago

About payd:

payd​ is North America’s education focused savings solution. payd leverages both student’s and their parent’s financial behaviours to help pay for/off education with ease.


payd​ is looking for a technical Chief Technology Officer with potential co-founding title to lead the development of several other features and code highly scalable software, APIs and AI, that provide a competitive advantage. You must have full stack development skills and experience in react native, nodjels, and postgress DB to be specific, but is also passionate about edtech/fintech in general. You will contribute to strategic business planning as part of the team, building and executing according to budgets, priorities, and commitments agreed to as a teamThis role involves a large amount of coding.

An MVP is ready for market and has been developed with the launch of the product happening in the next couple months. The incoming CTO would be helping ensure the smooth launch of the product, technical maintenance is upheld and the new developments are completed in a timely manner.


You have 2-5+ years experience in senior software engineering and system architecture positions, and a track record of leading teams to exceed internal and external expectations. You are comfortable working across the full software development stack to ensure the highest standards of quality and to create industry-leading digital experiences

You love the satisfaction that comes from building software that strikes the perfect balance between simplicity, flexibility, and functionality. You are adept at finding the teams and projects that you’re passionate about, where you can most help students thrive.

How To Apply

payd​ intends to fill the Chief Technology Officer role by March 2020 or sooner. To apply, please schedule an exploratory conversation with our CEO Jonathan by email via