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The CEMEX-TEC Award has 4 global categories, within which you can participate by registering your project. The award is aimed at entrepreneurs from around the world. Oriented to social entrepreneurship projects that have at least one year of implementation and generate a systemic change.

• 15 international winners: 1-week bootcamp training led by Ashoka and MassChallenge.
• 3 first places: $ 10,000 USD seed capital each.

Qualifying Themes:
• *Community development Projects* with themes relating to housing, economic productivity, employment, basic services, cultural identity, social well-being, youth and family life.
• *Environment Projects* with themes relating to climate change, natural disaster prevention, water and sanitation, waste recycling, alternative forms of transportation, preservation and care for natural areas and species, reforestation, energy conservation, and alternative energy sources.
• *Eco-friendly technology* Projects that aim to efficiently use natural resources and materials and call for production of products and services, incorporating the sustainable use of diverse natural resources and materials for daily life.
• *Education Projects* relating to learning and training, science, art, culture and technology.
Every participant should fulfill the following:
1. Register on the on-line platform in the stipulated time and form.
2. The projects must be registered by the leader of the project or a co-founder
3. Submit an original project with the authority/permission of those who proposed it.
4. You can propose projects that have already been presented in other forums.
5. Speak English and/or Spanish.
6. Have a valid passport or the possibility of processing it in case of being a winner.
7. The project can be carried out in any country worldwide.
8. The project must be active for at least one year.
Only the first 500 proposals that apply to the Social Entrepreneurs category, meet the requirements stated above and submit the project before the deadline will be considered
*Deadline to Apply: May 31 2019*

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