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foundersbeta Staff asked 3 months ago

The CMUVC is an annual, international start-up competition where students from around the world come to CMU’s Pittsburgh campus to pitch their creations. For the past decade, we’ve worked with the vision of becoming the top platform for student entrepreneurs to launch their ideas, technologies, and talent.

The CMUVC brings together a strong network of resources, including mentorship from serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, attorneys, and the opportunity to present and pitch to a panel of judges and the city of Pittsburgh We receive over 100 applications every year from universities all over the country. Each student start-up addresses a unique problem in today’s world, whether its data analytics-driven political advocacy, solutions to chronic intraocular pressure-based diseases or cement failure detection to prevent tragedies such as the 2010 BP oil spill. For the interested teams who cannot attend due to cost issues, we also provide travel reimbursements of up to $750 per team to make sure that every team has an equal opportunity to attend. With that being said, we would like to discuss your involvement with CMUVC.

The deadline, March 4th, is approaching fast, so please tell interested entrepreneurs to sign up at this link: