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Astellas Rx+™ Healthcare Innovation Challenge

Despite recent medical and technological advancements, there remains many unaddressed medical issues and many patients who do not have adequate solutions to live healthy lives. At the forefront of healthcare advancement, Astellas, through its Rx+™ business, has strived to realize a world where individuals can live healthier lives through innovative medical solutions that leverage advances in technology.

Astellas, a Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company, is now looking for startups to partner with in creating a healthier future through the Astellas Rx+™ Healthcare Innovation Challenge!
Startups, you are invited to showcase your technological solutions that will drive transformation in one of the two areas:

A/ Empowering sensory-disabled people through technology
Enhance the quality of life for patients with sensory disabilities (e.g. blindness, deafness, etc.) or help them retrieve part of their functions.

B/ Improving access to healthcare through technology
Speed up and make access to primary healthcare available for all individuals, especially to the disadvantaged groups.

Winners of the challenge will be able to:
– Win proof of concepts worth a total up to USD$60,000
– Implement their solutions in collaboration with Astellas
– Go on a sponsored trip to Japan to attend the Grand Finals*!

*Prize is only valid once the Grand Final is confirmed to be held offline.

Showcase your ideas on how to make healthcare better, more affordable and accessible to all individuals in the world by submitting a 10 slides PPT on our platform here:

Deadline: 18th October 2020

Together let’s leverage technology for humanity. Join our challenge today and create a healthier world with Astellas!