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foundersbeta Staff asked 6 months ago

For any student interested in VC, apply to be an investing partner at Dorm Room Fund. Dorm Room Fund’s mission is to allow students like us to manage a small fund allocated through First Round Capital each year, and invest in what we believe to be the best student founded businesses across the country.
First Round Capital:

First Round Capital is considered to be one of the best early stage investment firms in the world, with an impressive portfolio that features early investments in names like Uber, Warby Parker, Blue Apron, Mint, GroupMe, Flatiron Health, and Looker … to name a few.

Dorm Room Fund:

Over the last 5 years, Dorm Room Fund startups that have gone on to raise $500M+ in follow-on funding from top VCs such as Andreessen Horowitz, First Round, Sequoia and more. Together, they are valued at more than $1.5B.

In the past few years our student partners have gone on to be VCs at First Round, Sequoia, and Floodgate, as well as started amazing companies like Ubiquity6, The League, and others.


[Investment Partner] We’re looking to find the best new Partners for our team. Check our medium post here to learn more about DRF, and apply here!

[HQ Team] For students interested in supporting founders via marketing, building tools with their engineering chops, applying their design expertise, or by writing and creating great content on the start-up ecosystem, learn more about our remote HQ team here.

We look forward to getting to know you — the next wave of visionary investors, founders, and operators— better!