Startup ForumCategory: AnnouncementsApplications Open for EDGE’s impact entrepreneurship programs
Sheridan EDGE asked 7 months ago

Applications are now open for Sheridan EDGE’s Leap and Rise social impact entrepreneurship programs, geared towards entrepreneurs and changemakers who want to launch and grow new ventures. Applications close on July 25, 2021 and the programs begin in September.

The Leap Program is for aspiring social enterprise founders who are looking to take the “leap” on an idea and are ready to create prototypes, develop ways to earn revenue and enhance impact, and find out whether their idea might someday pay the bills. Learn more about Leap or apply here.

The Rise Program is for those who want to take their venture to the next level. It’s a high-value, high-intensity program customized for social enterprise founders that offers individualized coaching and support, access to expert advice and useful networks. Learn more about Rise or apply here.

EDGE welcomes social venture founders at any level of experience, whether a first-time entrepreneur or serial innovator. EDGE is built on a foundation of diversity, inclusivity and equity – and especially welcomes founders from underrepresented communities. The EDGE community includes entrepreneurs from the college, the surrounding region and beyond. Whether you’re looking to develop a for-profit or non-profit, EDGE has you covered.