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Jin Liu asked 2 years ago

A new cost-effectively way of hiring – Academic Team Hiring!

Beeznests has a new hiring opportunity for startups/small businesses that are looking for marketing/software development students for internships, projects, or any short-term work. So many things have changed, and there is always a better way to get your work done. Why don’t we utilize our students’ innovative ideas, but also with guidance from the professor!

Hire an academic team (professor+multiple students) for your projects/internships (students will work for free, you only need to pay for the Team Lead).

What is the academic team model? Group-hire an academic team that consists of one industry expert who acts as the Team Lead and a small group of students. Hire directly from our partnering universities and have university students work free of charge.

Benefits include:
Only needing to pay for the professor (Team Lead) of the project.
Get guaranteed quality. The Team Lead will be fully responsible for the quality of the project and for meeting the deadline.
Higher efficiency. Dealing with students directly can be time-consuming. However, with this model, our Team Lead will act as a moderator and be your main point of communication for the project.
Creativity and thinking outside of the box. If you only have a project idea or problem but have not yet formed a strategy to carry it out, our Team Leads can offer you a solution proposal to help you brainstorm some ideas.

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