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I’ve always been a good story teller, and I’d express that through merchandising, or creating business social media pages, or by working with graphic designers to make newspaper ads (I am not that old, but we definitely did newspaper ads!). I wanted to help people make better decisions, so marketing was a natural fit for me.”

  • Job Titles

    Marketing Intern, Marketing Co-ordinator, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Manager, Marketing Lead, Head of Digital Marketing, Content Marketing Manager Community and Social Media Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Growth Marketing Manager, Senior Copywriter, Email Marketing Specialist, Director of Paid Acquisition, CRM Marketing Automation Manager, Paid Search Analyst, SEO Content Writer, Event Marketing Specialist

  • Skils

    Copywriting, Email marketing, Content Management System, Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), WordPress, Social Media, SEO, SEM, PPC, Google Analytics, Storytelling, A/B Testing 

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