• Full Time
  • Toronto


We need your help to connect with more people about the magic of e-bikes, including with a big chunk of the role in being the face of Zygg at test rides, promo events and onboarding. While not out in the field, you’ll be part of the marketing team including digital acquisition, social, customer journey strategy and development.

Zygg is North America’s first e-bike subscription service – we’re dedicated to helping people discover the magic of an e-bike through a simple, hassle-free service at a low monthly price. Our motto is #propelyourself.

We are launching in Toronto in June. To bring our dreams to reality, there is a lot we have to stand up, but two of our biggest challenges in making this a success are starting conversations with people we think would love a Zygg bike, and then creating a rider experience that will help them fall in love. You’d be a key member of the team solving these challenges, with a big chunk of the role in being the face of Zygg at bike deliveries and promotional events. While not out in the field we’d carve out time for you to lend a hand in everything from digital acquisition, in-person promotion, to customer journey strategy and development.

This is a hands-on role in a Startup. It’s not for everyone, but it is an amazing opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something amazing. More than anything we want someone that is excited about Zygg as we are and will be keen to jump into an early venture and willing to adapt and grow their role as the company scales up.

Job Description

We’re sorry if the below is a bit long — we just wanted to be thorough!

Customer Experience and Onboarding

– Be the point of first contact for Zygg, conducting bike deliveries and onboarding sessions, getting new riders comfortable on their bikes, and ready to make the most of their trial experience

– Contribute to identifying friction points in the customer experience and make the subscriber’s mobility experience more seamless

– Help navigate difficult customer issues, managing customer expectations while executing the best possible outcome

Awareness and Acquisition

– Help develop social and digital assets

– Keep your finger on the pulse of what customers are thinking and saying about the brand; keep the team in the loop on community feedback, issues, concerns and trends

– Help organize and and participate in community and awareness events, including attending as the primary Zygg representative at the events

– Monitor and answers online queries from current and prospective subscribers via email or social media accounts and maintain CRM system

– Help organize and and participate in community and awareness events, including attending as the primary Zygg representative at the events


We don’t have a fixed expectation of the best person for this role. If you don’t feel like you match the person described below, but are excited about the idea, we’d still love to hear from you! Submit an application or reach out informally to begin a conversation.

– A love for bikes and/or making your city better. You will need to be able to ride a bicycle, but don’t worry if its’ been a while.

– A willingness to learn basic bike mechanics for talking to customers & trouble-shooting bicycle issues,

– Full G License and clean driving record – you will need to be able to drive a small van and deliver e-bikes around the GTA.

– 1-2 years experience in a role with significant relevant dimensions; especially where you’ve demonstrated ambition, initiative, and the capacity for executing on big challenges

– Comfortable and adaptable to a range of contexts: from participating in a business meetings to hanging out a shingle at a farmers market

– Outgoing personality; experience and command of managing customer interactions both digital and in-person

– Eager to adapt your role to the changing needs of the company; happy to lend a hand wherever it is most needed

– It is 100% okay if you don’t know how to do something, but you must be eager to learn/figure things out/solve/adapt

To apply for this job email your details to ebikecareers@ridezygg.com