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  • Toronto

ReVo Health

Back End Developer

We are currently looking to recruit a computer science or engineering students/alumni that are skilled in various development programs. We are currently within the stage of further refining our business plan and are now looking for individuals with programming and development experience that can attest to our technical specifications and providing valuable consulting on feasibility.

About Us:

ReVo Health is a start up dedicated to tackling the pre-diagnosis problems that befall clinics and doctors within the North American healthcare system. Our goal is to bridge the gap that exists between patients and doctors, and to have a system that maximizes communication and to reduce the wait time burden.We are committed to delivering solutions through the power of technology.

We are actively in the stages of seeking further capital and funding from investors. Therefore, to better display our aptitude we hope that we can create a working prototype of our vision in the near future. This opportunity is reserved for those that are highly motivated; experienced in web/app development; displays leadership and teamwork skills.

This role will require you aid the Revo Health team in the creation of a functional prototype. This role will mainly relate to back end development of current UI renderings.

If you wish to receive further information regarding our business plan and reports associated with the company, please do not hesitate to contact us at: revohealth2019@uofthatchery.ca.

Preferred Qualifications:

●      Experience in the following: Java, HTML, Python, C++ and other programming languages.

●      Experience in AWS is an asset.

●      Experience in working within a functional team and group project experience.

●      Experience working with projects related to the healthcare or medical industry.

Our Value to You:

●      Please be aware that this is not a paid position.

●      Gain valuable experience within the development and scaling of a start-up.

●      Learn valuable skills associated with management, leadership and effective business development.

●      Future opportunities to take an active stake in the start up through equity.

●      Flexible hours and the ability to work remotely. We anticipate that the commitment from this position will range from 5 – 10 hours a week, although depending circumstances more may be required.

If you are interested, please send a resume, summary of your project experience and a short 250-word statement of interest. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know at revohealth2019@uofthatchery.ca.


To apply for this job email your details to revohealth2019@uofthatchery.ca