Job descriptions have always been one of the most fundamental pieces of recruiting. You have your qualifications, skill sets, and what you are looking for. It’s always been there!

One of San Francisco’s fastest growing startup, has no job descriptions. Like no job description? Yes! So if you wanted to apply for their Head of People it will look like this:

Absolutely brilliant! This is very interesting move to say the least. See it here. Will it attract more applicants? More diverse applicant? Mostly likely yes to all. We know men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them. This is definitely a welcoming move from the applicant stand point of view. Should every company follow this? Probably not but it’s definitely an experiment worth trying out. prides itself on getting ride of passports and fast checkouts.

Another interesting thing is working on is every single team member coming onboard has a video and their career page looks stellar. Here are some great elements:

– Video-base: 44 seconds short video. No fluff pure content

– Extensive details on benefits

– Life at with authentic company photos

One thing it is worth adding is potentially a general application pool. This will get more applicants even if they don’t see a title that interests them at the moment. Are you working on generating inbound hiring leads on your career page?

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