Break into Startups

This course covers all the tips and hacks on getting started with your startup job search.


Land That Awesome Startup Job Offer

Navigate the startup job search.

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Startup Competition Cornell

Right strategy with the right tactics.

This course is right for you if you’re looking to:

– Break into startups
– Build a kick-ass network
– Work on your personal brand

Startup job search navigation is tedious but we’ve got it covered.

This is a Crash Course on Startup Job Search.

10 Lesson. Less than 1 hour. Download all the video and lecture content.

Lesson 1: Get that freakin resume ready!
Lesson 2: No experience. No problemo!
Lesson 3: Polish social media profiles
Lesson 4: That networking thing
Lesson 5: What the heck is informational interview?
Lesson 6: Connect with recruiters
Lesson 7: Online Resources and Tools
Lesson 8: Personal Brand
Lesson 9: Personal Portfolio
Lesson 10: Talk with the Coach

Ready to that land that startup job offer?

Work at your dream startup job.