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Find a Cofounder and Build a Team

Looking for a cofounder for your startup but not sure where to begin? Getting the core team right early on is huge for startups. Cofounders can make or break the startup. Learn all the hacks you need on finding that cofounder.
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This is a Crash Course on Find a Cofounder and Building a Stellar Team.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Why have a cofounder?
Lesson 2: Traction! traction! traction! how to build it before even looking?
Lesson 3: Landing page
Lesson 4: Write compelling cofounder description
Lesson 5: Marketing hacks
Lesson 6: Tips for non-technical founders
Lesson 7: Tips for technical founders
Lesson 8: Interview and candidate selection
Lesson 9: Startup team formula
Lesson 10: Startup golden rules

Everything you need to find that cofounder.

Learn about writing compelling cofounder job description, where to market your posting, and how to asses talent.

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All the hacks

Covers all the hacks on finding a cofounder.

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