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Join us for a Live Online Cofounder Networking Event

Looking for a cofounder? Want to join an early-stage startup? Come and join our Live Chat to connect with our members. Bring your portfolio and projects. You can complete your profile on our site in advance to get matched up. Here are the details about the Online Cofounder Event:

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Wed Sept 11, 2019 — at 8 PM EST


Online via our site
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60 Minutes Online

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Our community absolutely loves the comfort that comes with our online events. It’s convenient, efficient, and fun. Our dedicated team ensures your experience will be the best of the best.

Foundersbeta is a fantastic community that helps provide resources for individuals looking to create their own startup. From my experience, I got to meet new people, talk about common goals and learn from those who have worked in the startup environment.

Gillian Wu

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