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Looking into breaking into startups? Need a boost on your job search? Our Career Coaches have a diverse background in human resources, marketing, recruitment, product development, business, and science. 

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Simply request to book a session based your needs. The sessions are one-on-one and can take place via phone or Zoom video conference/chat depending on your preference. We would be delighted to chat on topics below. 

The rate for our coaches for the below packages are $49.99 USD for 30 minutes. Since this is a service-based our sessions are non-refundable.

Resume and Portfolio


30 minute session on building up the resume and online portfolio 

  •  Build the effectiveness on the resume
  •  Resume tips and tactics including key word optimization
  • Portfolio feedback
  • Interview and candidate selection

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Break into Startups

$49.99 Popular

30 minute session on building up the resume and portfolio without any prior experience

  •  Building an awesome resume and portfolio that gets calls
  •  Get projects to build up the experience
  •  Personal branding for social media
  •  Personal brand content

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Mockup Interview


30 minute session on practising interview and preparing to get an offer

  •  Mock up interview
  •  Tacking behavioural questions
  •  Constructing the right responses
  •  Feedback on presentation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Startup Career Coach take place?

Startup takes place via Zoom video or phone depending your preference.

How much is the rate?

Our rate is $49.99 USD for 30 minutes for the above packages.

How does the payment work?

Simply select the time and date and you will prompted for payment via PayPal.

Is this in EST time Zone?

Yes it is. The times you select on the calendar are based on the EST time zone.

Do I need prepare anything before the meeting?

Yes! prepare your resume and portfolio and any other challenges or questions you may have.