I’m extremely proud and thrilled to announce the partnership between FoundersBeta and Agorize. Agorize is the leading online platform for open innovation challenges. It focuses on building bridges between businesses and a global community of 5 million innovators: students, developers, startups and employees because great ideas come from everywhere.

As the only two innovation platforms and communities in the world that focuses on early-stage startups and talent, we are excited to be working with Agorize to grow the global innovation community. No idea was ever successful on its own. Ideas require tremendous amount of execution, communities, skilled talent, ecosystem players, and platform to come to life. Innovation communities create new job opportunities and growth. 

There is much left work to do in building the global innovation communities. If you’re looking get involved check out the up coming competition organized by Agorize. I encourage you to get involved in the community whether you are a student, mentor, corporate player or just looking to get involved. There are plenty of opportunities. This marks a new chapter for FoundersBeta as we continue to grow the startup communities around the world with our global partners. Join our mission.

About the Author: 

Eric REric Rafat is the Founder & CEO at FoundersBeta. He is passionate startup founder with a wealth of expertise and experience in startups, building high-performing teams, and product development. He believes in the power of entrepreneurship to create opportunities for all. He is a top ranked tennis player and always up for a conversation about business, marketing, and tennis.